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JSC Novokuybyshevsky Refinery is located in the Samara Region and is a part of the Samara Group of Oil Refineries acquired by Rosneft in May 2007. 

The Novokuybyshevsky Refinery was put into operation in 1951. It was at this plant that the first production of many types of products was mastered in the country: jet fuel, oils for rocket launchers and cars, etc.

As of January 1.2018, the capacity of the refinery was 7.9 million tons per year for hydroskimming. The plant processes Orenburg oil, West Siberian oil, as well as oil produced by the Company in the Samara region (Samaraneftegaz). The plant's secondary processing facilities include catalytic cracking, delayed coking, catalytic reforming, isomerization, kerosene and diesel fuel hydrotreatment, bitumen and gas fractionation units.

Oil is supplied to the refinery by pipeline, shipment is carried out mainly by rail, as well as pipeline, water and road transport.

Since December 2014, a reforming unit with a continuous regeneration of the CCR catalyst has been successfully operated.

The PGI-DIG/280-NK isomerization unit has been put into operation.

The plant has switched to 100% production of gasoline of Class 5 according to the Technical Regulations, including the production of non-class gasolines by coking and catalytic cracking.

NK NPZ has completely switched to the production of Class 5 diesel fuel, by excluding  diesel fuel of Class 3 and Class 4 from the 2016 production plans.

Investments in 2017 were directed at maintaining existing capacities, constructing a hydrocracking and hydrotreatment facility with off-site facilities, implementing projects to increase operational efficiency, and conducting design work on other investment projects to modernize the plant.