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Nayara Energy Limited

PJSC NK Rosneft owns a 49.13% share in the first-class assets

of India-based Nayara Energy Limited (formerly Essar Oil Limited).

Vadinar refinery

  • Primary oil refining capacity 20 million tons per year (2nd place in India)
  • Nelson complexity index - 11.8 (one of the ten best plants in the world)
  • high flexibility in terms of raw materials and the possibility of processing heavy and super heavy grades of oil

Port of Vadinar: Own deep-water port and oil terminal with a total capacity of 58 million tonnes per year

Retail: an actively developing network of more than 6 thousand gas stations across India with plans for further growth (mainly based on the Dealer Owned - Dealer Operated model - with minimal involvement of shareholders CAPEX).

Strategic advantages:

  • An integrated business platform in a growing market, with a stable cash flow and the potential for a significant increase in processing margins;
  • Ready-made infrastructure and a large number of opportunities for further development in processing, petrochemicals, trading, retail and B2B sales;
  • Access to the high premium markets of the Asia-Pacific region and South-East Asia;
  • Strategically advantageous location in terms of oil supply - about 70% of Indian oil imports pass through Gujarat, where the Vadinar refinery is located;
  • Processing assets with a high raw material flexibility that enable the realization of the potential for the monetization of the trading portfolio of Rosneft, as well as receive operational synergies and improve the economic efficiency of the refinery.